How Often Do I Need to Schedule a Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Jan 28, 2022 | Carpet Cleaning

How Often Do I Need to Schedule a Professional Carpet Cleaning?

how often do I need to schedule a carpet cleaning in valparaiso, IN?There’s a long list of to-do’s to keep your home at its best, so why make carpet cleaning in Valparaiso a priority? 

There are many benefits to having your carpets cleaned—ranging from aesthetic to health related. Let’s take a look at why carpet cleaning should be a priority for homes and businesses, and how often it’s really essential to schedule this professional service. 

The Importance Of Carpet Cleaning

Consider the amount of traffic carpets endure on a daily basis. Now think about the fact that they act as filters, absorbing and trapping dirt, dust, allergens, various particles, and more. 

Over time, what’s trapped in carpets can start to impact the healthiness of your home. This is especially concerning when considering how often the average person spends laying, walking, or lounging on carpets. 

If there are pets in the home, these factors are even more magnified. And when pet urine on carpet dries, pungent odors crystals are trapped deep with carpet, backing, and potentially hard flooring beneath. These crystals will continue permeating the air unless targeted with a professional pet urine removal treatment.  

How Often Carpets Need To Be Professionally Cleaned 

A good rule of thumb is to have your carpets professionally cleaned a minimum of once a year. If there are pets or children in the home, we recommend increasing that frequency to every quarter—or between each season. 

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning in Valparaiso is eco-friendly, green, and uses significantly less moisture compared to traditional steam cleaning methods. 

Carpet Cleaning In Valparaiso

With Chem-Dry, you can enjoy a drier, cleaner, healthier home. We look forward to serving you with the best carpet cleaning service money can buy throughout the Valparaiso area!  

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